Kevin Hatcher

President of Property Management & Broker

Kevin is our President of Property Management and a Broker at Miller Hatcher.  Before joining Miller Hatcher in March 2016, Kevin left an 11-year career in the DC Metro area as a Senior Project Manager.  

Kevin dedicates himself to serving the property owners and managing our diverse portfolio of properties.  Kevin is proactive and excellent at communicating and explaining both simple and complex management concerns to tenants and owners.  Kevin continuously shows strategic and efficient thinking while keeping his client’s needs in focus.  

Kevin is a detailed Broker and property manager who applies knowledge of commercial and government construction to commercial property management sales and leasing.  Kevin brings his experience managing hospital and government construction to the property management side of Miller Hatcher.  He is adept at anticipating needs through accurate record keeping and communications and efficiently allocates resources within available budgets.  Kevin earned his Bachelors in Construction Management and Minor in Business Administration from East Carolina University in 2005. 

Kevin can be contacted via e-mail or 336.448.8205